About Triquest


TriQuest is the nation's leader when it comes to helping organizations fundraise and provide a great benefit to their supporters. TriQuest benefits are powered by Access®, the behind-the-scenes merchant network that has been the most trusted name in discount benefits for more than 30 years.


Supporters get discounts and savings worth more than their donation. It's nation-wide, so they can use it no matter where they go. We have over 700 National brands and over 300,000 local discounts. Using our Mobile App or Website, your supporters can quickly and easily start saving.


Very few organizations can get by without fundraising. People tend to look for fundraisers that are simple fast and profitable. With TriQuest You earn up to a 85% profit on every card. One of the highest returns of any fundraiser. Tell us how many cards you want. We send them to you and you sell them in one visit. It's simple and fast.


You order cards. We ship them to you. You sell the cards, making up to a 85% profit. Supporters use their card to login online or download the mobile app and start saving money on shopping, dining, movies and more.